Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in Human Body

Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in Human Body
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Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in Human Body

Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in the human body is actually called “deficiency of red cells”. The destruction of red cells and the formation of new cells, commonly known as “Anemia” in medical science.

There are not many types of anemia, the most common being iron deficiency. The red blood cells contain a protein known as hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that is a source of oxygen throughout the body. Hemoglobin performs two important functions in the body.

Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in Human Body
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It takes oxygen from the lungs and transports it to the tissues throughout the body, thus allowing the cells to function properly. Hemoglobin transmits carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs.

Folate and vitamin B12 deficiency in the human body affect the process of becoming red blood cells. If your body is not getting enough vitamin B12, it can cause anemia to a great extent. If you are suffering from anemia, you need a diet that will allow the body to get plenty of iron and vitamin B12.


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Anemia Diet Plan

In the event of anemia, clinicians recommend dietary changes and arrange a diet plan that contains iron and vitamins, which are essential for hemoglobin and helpful in the preparation of red blood cells for patients. ۔ This diet plan also includes nutrients through which the human body can absorb the appropriate amount of iron.

Iron & its types

There are two types of iron: Heme iron and non-iron. Heme iron is found in seafood, poultry and meat. Non-heme iron is found in plant nutrients and iron-fortified foods.

Well, the human body can absorb both types of iron, but hemp iron absorbs easily. Although anemia diet plans are individual, most diet plans require 150 to 200 milligrams of iron in the human body. However, this amount of iron can be extremely difficult for any human to obtain.

Green leafy vegetables

Large quantities of non-iron are found in green, especially green leafy vegetables. These include spinach, karma kala, kakrunda (gul qasadi) leaves, chakandar leaves etc. These vegetables contain high levels of folate, insufficient folate in the diet also causes anemia.

Fruit and beans are also a great way to get folate. On the other hand, iron is also found in these vegetables. Based on all these features, it is said that green leafy vegetables are very helpful in reducing blood loss in the body.

Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia in Human Body
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Eat meat and poultry

Hemp iron is found in meat and poultry. Red meat is often the source of rheumatic iron, in contrast, insufficient amounts of heme iron are found in poultry and other poultry foods.

Eat Lever

Usually most people refrain from eating Lever but this is a great way to get iron. It is considered one of the beneficial nutrients if the key is eaten in the right amount. It is found in large quantities of iron and Folate while the tongue, kidney and heart also contain a good amount of iron.


Seafood is also a great way to provide hem iron to the human body. Iron is found in various types of fish. These types include fish such as sardines, tuna, salmon and cassandra. Salmon contains a large amount of iron and calcium.

Fortified Foods

Many fortified foods contain substantial amounts of iron. Even if you prefer vegetarian food, you can still use a fortified diet to get iron. In addition to iron, vitamin D and additional proteins are found in these foods, which are also good for bone strength and health. These foods include fortified orange juice, fortified cereal, fortified flour (white bread), fortified pasta and fortified white rice.


Beans are a great choice for those looking to eat vegetables or meat. Since there are not many types of beans, dietary recommendations for anemia diets include kidney beans, cinnamon, soybeans, black beans, peas, and lime beans in their diet.


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